9 Deals and 5 Gap or Lending Deals in 14 Months

I know what I have worked on for the past 14 months but I was asked to put it together and I surprised myself!  A very happy surprise!

Now the powers that be have launched a new company called P.R.O.F.I.T.S. for businesses, and all I can say is YES!  

I have watched 9 of the 11 classes and it is changing my life for the good!

Thanks to Mark Kohler's Integrated Business Growth and Development hit home for me.  I have 4 different business that I am running right now and because of the class I am putting them together.  They all will help people earn money and start generational wealth.

Eric Counts' Business Automation and how to make toast motivated me to hire someone to do my funnels.  I understand them, just not my cup of tea.  Does anyone besides my Kiwi cousin like tea?

But the biggest change is coming from Ron Williams and Wood Woodward together have convinced me to start marketing Renatus and Suladio.  I won't stop with the real estate but I will put time and money into marketing, and on top of that they just made the compensation plan even better (June 15, 2020).  If someone decides only to sell the opportunity ($197 a year) they least they will make is $300 per sale!  Cha ching that is a car payment!

My personal goal as of today (June 17, 2020) to the end of the year is to have 9 people on my team!  It is out there and public!  I will update this blog on a ship going through the Panama Canal over the holidays to let you all know if I completed this!

About the Author Sally Gimon

I am part of a local real estate investing club that empowers our members to do more deals. We don’t have any gurus or high-pressure sales tactics. We are real investors with the primary focus of investing in real estate. We created this group for people to have a place to learn real estate investing without going to some weekend boot camp where you keep getting upsold. We have created a place where people can come on a weekly basis and meet in person with other like-minded investors. We have weekly masterminds and more.