Happy Easter Irish Waterford Meets Traditional Slavic Food!

Happy Easter!!!  & Passover!!!

My two sides of the family meet on Easter every year.  My mom's Donegal patterned Waterford and my dad's traditional Slavic cold meal.  It usually is blessed Easter Saturday, but it did not happen this year due to Covid-19.  Still there is ham, kielbasa, homemade Pascha bread, boiled eggs, and homemade Hrukda (cheese made of eggs, sugar and raisins).  For dessert homemade nut roll and poppy seed rolls!

Yes it is fattening but after 40 days of Lent well worth it!

When I lived on the East Coast we would go to Pittsburgh for Easter and my grand mom had the recipes in her head.  This year, using a cookbook I think I did her proud!

I hope you are all safe, healthy and having fun, slainte and Christos voskrese!!!

About the Author Sally Gimon

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