Rice Krispies for Lunch!

Last week I got locked out of the house when I went for my 3 mile walk Wednesday morning.  My dad went to the store for grapes!  This week, I wasn't locked out but he came home with marshmallows...RICE KRISPIES for dessert at lunch!

Stay safe, healthy, and happy!

About the Author Sally Gimon

I am part of a local real estate investing club that empowers our members to do more deals. We don’t have any gurus or high-pressure sales tactics. We are real investors with the primary focus of investing in real estate. We created this group for people to have a place to learn real estate investing without going to some weekend boot camp where you keep getting upsold. We have created a place where people can come on a weekly basis and meet in person with other like-minded investors. We have weekly masterminds and more.