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Free Credit Repair with Credit Nerds for FREE CREDIT REPAIR It is free to everyone and anyone you don’t have to be part of real estate.  Just to be fair you do need to have a monitoring account that cost $39.00 a month, but they clean up your credit and then help you get funding for FREE

Gaet with burittos

Gaetan Duchesne (RIP) Comes Through Again!

RIP Gaetan Duchesne, this sweater is 38 years old bought with baby sitting money!   I wear it to all Caps games, two years ago in Vegas for the 5th game of the Stanley Cup Finals and drank for free all night!  Yesterday it came through again; BOYO burritos at Chipolte, surrounded by Coyotes fans.   All […]


Note Bought and Sold in 24 Hours Profit $6,315.00

Thomasville, NC mortgage note that was a bank owned property on a tape in my Notes Mastermind class.Paid $16,684Home value $47,000Wholesaled to Mike a contractor for $23,000His exit strategy fix up and rent out for $600 a month.  His first rental ever!Win, win, win for everyone!Please contact me to find out how YOU can do […]